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Forcibly defecating "crunk juice" and food (potentially unmasticated)in an avalanche of diarrhea and solid waste.

May be used as a substitute for a "facial" to conclude mating rituals post coitus.

I just got done wit a bucket o popeye's
Side orders of extra cole slaw & fries
Yeahh bitch, fuckin potato wedges, sour cream & chives
I give it about six hours ta marinate my insides

Just when it gets good n steamin
My lower intestine screamin, sphincter gets tired & starts leakin
I think it's about time ta start freakin
So i flip da rolodex to 'c' for 'cheerleadin'

Roll up a blunt as da bitch come find ma house
Got on some marvin gaye, light up candles, break da wine out
Open up a new dior cologne, git fuckin doused
Feed my girl champagne til she's properly soused

Then we start to get to the real fuckin deal
Bust out a shocker so she starts ta squeal
Squirmin just right, both our asses so tight
But she gonna git the present tonight beeyotch!!

Get her off a couple times, smack dat ass a bit
Then, just when i'm ready i go ta sit
Right on her chest, 'a facial' she'll guess
Aw shit, pinch hitter bring in da puckered eyelet

Then i let loose, streams o crunk juice
Flowin all down her cheeks, mixin wit unchewed
Ribs from last week, she can't even speak
Or i'm gonna make da bitch's tonsils reek

Unh!! Crunkalanche baby all in ya hair
I dont shat this bitch up beyond repair
Gonna have to soak her in a vat o nair
To get all my dried-up dingleberries outta there

Perfect shizzle -- what!!
Perfect shizzle -- hay!!
Perfect shizzle -- what!!
Perfect shiz--lil jon!!! Yeah!! (x98.6)
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