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Taking a pick to the house, or causing a fumble.
Did you see me cause that fumble and take it to the house for a touchdown? That was a mother fuckin crunch bar!
by DaleTheSnail August 24, 2010
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A girl that looks like the back of a crunch bar when she cakes makeup over her acne.
girl 1: this bitch be lookin like a crunch bar

girl 2: ew I know right

by Babycakes066 December 06, 2015
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A person who is crunchy. They exhibit most of the qualities associated with hippies, including vegetarianism, birkenstock-wearing, poor personal hyegiene, and pot-smoking.
Our AP psych teacher is such a crunch bar, all we do is listen to weird ethnic music and talk about our feelings.
by somebody i used to know January 22, 2006
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A crunch bar is a candy made by Nestle. If you peal the wrapper off and take a look at the back of said crunch bar you will notice how the product inside that makes it crunchy sticks out and is a egg shell'd version of white. Now take some black person, typically a teenager since they are so suseptable to the further mentioned problem, now cover that black person with acne. The white heads and the individuals dark skin make their entire face look like a crunch bar.
Example: *roast session*

Crunch bar: BOI you tryna roast?
Other kid:BOI why the fuk you talkin take yo crunch bar lookin ass back to the candy store where you belong. Better yet WALMART so you can return them fake ass Jay's tho.

Noone knows what happened to the crunch bar with the fake Jay's. Some say that he was the one who shot up the school that day and killed the "other kid" and not the white kid. Some say that if you're eating a crunch bar in the fake Jay section of WALMART, you can hear him... Crying saying "I wish I had real Jay's DAWG"
by AyeKayFiah November 30, 2016
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When someone is giving a rim job and then The rim job-ee takes a nutty shit.
hey did you go ass to mouth?
Yeah, but she crunch bar'd me!
by Corey M January 28, 2007
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