A signature weapon that can be used in a zombie apocalypse

Main users include Dwight & Daryl from TWD
Hey aren't you going to kill that zombie with a gun , No I got a crossbow instead
by Oneshotduke March 24, 2017
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1.(Common) An ancient/medieval ranged weapon more properly known as an "Arbaleste", which consisted of a small bow put across what developed into a gun-stock, and shot with a trigger.
2.(Slang) Something archaic, that has some modern features but is too old to be truly useful.
1. King Richard I was killed by a bolt from a crossbow.
2. That fucking icebox is such a crossbow, I wish I had a real fridge!
by anonomous man September 11, 2005
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I just wanted to say how effing crossbow sharks are.
by Peer Pressure July 18, 2009
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Use of steroids on bows and arrows was banned in the U.S. by 1987 Bows Rights Act but it is still common practice in many parts of the world. Many people see this treatment of bows and arrows unethical even though crossbows are rad.
by Pseudonym A. Nonymous March 16, 2017
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A German Crossbow is a male masturbation act in which the individual inserts a toothpick (preferably the club sandwich style ones with the frilly plastic ends to stabilize the flight pattern) into the urethra and "fires" said toothpick via ejaculation.
"Watch me pop this balloon with my German Crossbow."
"My girlfriend has to wear an eye patch due to an arrant German Crossbow."
"The only thing that gets me off nowadays is a German Crossbow."
"Hey, hold my beer and watch me fire my German Crossbow."
by Derelict-Dave October 15, 2015
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A thot that wears leggings and sticks her ass out for no reason
Oh shit is that a legendary crossbow
by DAA1410 September 18, 2019
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A decision maker believes they have several options, but in fact only one outcome can be chosen.
Scott: I can't believe that Willy thinks he can negotiate his rent payment again. He's fooling himself.

Julia: I know- it's crossbow roulette.
by oReiLLZ December 19, 2008
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