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noun. A small town in Southeastern Ohio which, decades ago, was known far and wide for its pottery and china. Now, however, it is far less renown. It is known to its inhabitants as a "hick town" or, often, a "stinkhole." Its school teachers reportedly teach the 3 R's: Reading, 'Riting, and the Road out of Crooksville.
"My town sucks! It's like I live in Crooksville or something."
by 09ZeroNine April 19, 2005
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A hick / skudrutter town where all the crack heads live. Known as the perry county meth heads also. We’re a yee yee town mixed with Hollywood’s drug stuff. And hey we’re in Ohio the top state for human trafficking. If your not snorting coke off your friends table or doing shots out of there belly button. Your probably mud running or running from the cops. See we used to be an okay town full of pottery now we just do pot. If you like to do drugs then crooksville is the place to be
Hey did you take a trip down to crooksville for the supplies? Yeah I got it you ready to get fucked up yo
by eat my butt June 20, 2019
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