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A fake smile, or insincere approval. This smile is given with deception or sarcasm in mind instead of true happiness or good-will.

A sly or sinister smirk. While a real smile conveys warmth, this smile is given to hide evil intent. Popular with politicians, crooks, and phony friends.

Similar to "Crocodile Tears", exaggerated sorrow or fake tears, a crocodile smile is usually given by someone with an ulterior motive.
Although he was blissfully employed, Barry borrowed $500 from his friend Joe and slipped him a "Crocodile Smile".

Joe: So, you need a loan to fix your car?
Barry: Yeah, things are rough.
Joe: What's with the "Crocodile Smile"? Is there something you're not telling me Barry?
Barry: Ugh.
by kingphilip2 February 02, 2012
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Being fake to someone. Acting like you're cool with someone then going and talking shit behind their back. Similar to crocodile tears but more of a "happy" fake.
Person 1: Hey brother! How's it going dude?
Person 2: I ain't your brother. Fuck you and your crocodile smiles.
by DIABOLIC4L June 02, 2007
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A crocodiles Smile is a moment when you accidently have a poo sitting down that maintains its position in-between the crack of your cheeks.
"I cant tell if this is going to be a fart or a poo"
1 minute goes by...
"Why are you looking at me like that?"

Tim maintained eye contact with a hint of a crocodile smile
by HVMachine November 12, 2010
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