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A term for having slippery/sweaty/glistening/wet

sex with a particularly voluptuous lady.

The term is a nostolgic nod to the 80s/90s slip and slide model “the crocodile mile” which featured an inflatable bump/ramp launching users into a pool which also featured the memorable jingle “You run, you slide, you hit the bump and take a dive.”
“Damn girl! You juicy as hell. I want to take you back to my place and crocodile mile yo damn titays!”

“Last night Dat pussy was wetter than a crocodile mile”
by SHAM-PAIN January 18, 2019
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to shit on someones chest spread it, then run full speed and slide across the body like a slip n slide.
after fucking krista, i decided to give her a nice slippery crocodile mile. (see crocodile mile slip n slide toys).
by fred the baby killer April 03, 2006
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after duking some sweet gal in the bum. you take your piece out before you cum. than you spit out on her back in a straight line from her neck to her lower back.
BAMF!! spakow!! spakow!! spakow!!
by feet February 14, 2005
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