A way of saying cringe and epic at the same time.
Dude you're so cring.
by Creeperarecool November 25, 2020
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A typo of the often overused word cringe where one forgets the E and the end.
Me: Dude, Dave, I got drunk and and for almost and hour spelled cringe cring.
Dave: I know, you were texting me the entire time you were.
by Autismlord November 23, 2016
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Most commonly used in the southern regions of the United States, Cring is the combination of the words Crunk and King. Used to describe someone at the top of their creative influence and game.
Outkast are the crings of southern rap.
by TINDEL October 24, 2008
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The daily telephone call you make to friends, relatives, and neighbors to find out if they are carriers of "The Virus" and update them on your most recent body temperature - as if they cared. A Cring can help you plan out whether you are going to sit around and wait to die or break free and face an immoral trip into the desolated world to get more "essential" beauty products
Time to give a Cring to my grandchildren to see if they have lost all memory of what school is.
by Yeahbutthis Istrue March 26, 2020
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