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The study of crime itself and more particulary how to commit one and get away with it.
The science was founded by a group of antiestablishment acdemics. They believe that law controls too much of our lives and that most crime is such victimless crime as prostitution,underaged sex,underager drinking,public sex ect. and that most criminals are really victims of society.
The main principles of crimeology are that one needs to plan a crime backwards so one won't get too emotionaly involved in it and back out.
Know everything there is to know about police science and technology and behavor. In other words to know your enemy better that they know them selves and also to study all one needs to know about forensic science.
Study the sciences of antipolice science and antipolice technology and antiforensic science for what one needs to know. All three are branches of crimeology.
Go through an "ology" list to know all about the future crime scene.For example the sociology and chemistry of drugs ect.
by Deep blue 2012 December 18, 2009
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