n: a implement used in that most booring of sports, cricket. Also perhaps the best cure for depression/anxiety/stress/insomnia/annoying siblings/tax collectors/salesmen money can buy (exept perhaps alcohol). To operate: hold the bat by the thin end (or handle) and then administer a sharp blow to the head with the large flat end, repeat if necissary until your vision becomes blurred/dissapears entirely.
would you be interested in buying....oooow
by Al October 12, 2004
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Pretty self explanatory really. Usually with the handle end, but for extreme hardcore you can give the wood a go. The grip on the handle can pose a problem to entry, but excessive use of Vaseline should do the trick. Note: Can be voluntary or involuntary.
Kittow put down another catch so the team embarked in some recreational cricket bat penetration. (Involuntary penetration)
by Paddy V May 26, 2007
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is that a cricket bat man
by guggfyeydye November 29, 2021
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Slang term for female genitalia of which the labia is particularly prominent, meaty, like the neck of a chicken or of a turkey.

Also see "Beef Curtains"
Looks like that cricket bat snatch was hit for six!
by eurocelt June 30, 2017
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