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Cresski (also Cressky, Cresskii, Cresskij or креский) is a Slavonic diminutive word widely used widely in parts of Australia (in particular the Canberra and ACT Region) to mean "charming", "beautiful", "handsome", "stunning", "comely", and "red in colour". These uses are sometimes confused. It is believed to have originated from the name "Cressida" and the double meanings most likely stem from the similarity of the Russian words "krasivoy" (красивый) meaning "beautiful" and "krasnee" (красный) meaning "red".
Vlad: Hey! How Cresski was that painting?
Dim: I didn't think the artist used that much red.
Vlad: No... I mean how beautiful was it!
Dim: Oh, right. It is very Cresski.
by theaphids November 15, 2012
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