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Closely related to the basic bitch, a creme puff is a young woman characterized by a complete lack of ambition, originality, or any outstanding qualities. Like a real creme puff, she is sweet yet full of air and lacks any kind of substance - what you see on the outside is what you get on the inside. Though not usually fat, the creme puff is at least “soft” and wears clothes and makeup that make her resemble a powdered pastry. Instead of living her own life, the creme puff exists by being like everyone else. “Nice” but excruciatingly boring, they are born without the capacity for independent thought and their pulses never exceed that of an elderly desert tortoise. Drawn to jobs where they can avoid making any of their own decisions, creme puffs are most comfortable as nurse’s assistants, teacher’s assistants (or any other kind of assistant), secretaries, or waitresses. In her free time, the creme puff can be found spending 56% of her paycheck at Bath and Body Works, watching reruns of The Bachelorette, eating lowfat strawberry yogurt, and spending 2 hours getting ready to go literally anywhere. Like a barnacle, the creme puff latches on to certain people, because in fact she would utterly shut down if she were forced to be by herself for even ten minutes. the creme puff will most often tiptoe through the years depending emotionally and financially on her boyfriend/husband, and then die having never taken any risks or made any kind of impact on the world.
“I just went on a date with Lindsey, and I had more fun staring at the wall behind her”
“Sounds like a creme puff
by THERADICALDUDE July 01, 2018
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When you blow in a girls butt and she darts
Dude a girl creme puffed on my Johnson lastnight
by Puffslayer September 02, 2017
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