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When an etling drinks heavily and begins to creep on chicks. The eyes of "the creeper" get larger and remain open for a long period of time as they scan the area for potential prey(young women). The creeper may not know he is being watched, but even if they are they will continue on the hunt. You might see the creep stroking drunk girls hair, rubbing their faces, or staring aggressively at them from across the room or around a corner. Creep mode is usually initiated after the consumption of more than 5 beers in a short amount of time. The only way to deactivate the creep mode is to return the creeper back to its home or to remove him from the presence of drunk females. Creep mode is not contagious, but can often be seen in subjects at local parties.
Hey, look at Rob rubbin that bitches leg.
Wait... is she sleepin?
Yea, he's in creep mode again.
by Calvin Bundy January 17, 2008
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