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A school in Cherokee county, Georgia. This school has a few good teachers, but some who are dumb as shit and have a tough time reading answers out of their teacher edition books. There is also an abundance of stupid rednecks who are just outcasts with no group. Half of the male population dip, many during school, making taking a dump nearly impossible. There are also a few black people, who take it as their responsibility to be extremely loud and annoying. Overall, the school is nice, except for those goddamn dippers.
Badass #1: I'm prairie doggin it here in Creekview High School, but I can't find a fucking toilet seat that isn't covered in piss or tobacco.

Badass #2: Go to the chorus bathroom, those shithead rednecks haven't discovered it yet.
by ishotthewelfarebear January 26, 2011
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piece of shit school in Georgia, full of spicks. and blacks(they're all part of the Having Eddie Murphy's Nose club), and yes drugs are predominant and cheap
People at creekview high school must be a huge fan of Eddie Murphy, therefore Georgia must love Eddie Murphy
by eddiemurphynose April 10, 2010
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