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Literally "belief lover".

As for the previous poster, you fool that's not what credophile means. Credophile is an awesome term coined originally by the writer L. Sprague de Camp, in a letter to James Randi.

It's a label for those who appear particularly gullible and are particularly inclined to believe whatever claims come their way. (See Scientologist).
To quote de Camp directly,

A credophile gets positive pleasure from belief and pain from doubt... The credophile collects beliefs the way a jackdaw does nest ornaments: not for utility but for glitter. And, once having embraced a belief, it takes something more than mere disproof to make him let go.
by Submitters of Words April 02, 2011
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One who is consumed by the desire to assure that credit is assigned to oneself for research, stories, references and other information for which it is useful to be considered "the source."
"I told Grace to buy that new vitamin supplment. I explained that it was recommended to me by Matt, because he's a total credophile and he would freak out if I didn't tell her where I'd heard about it."
by KaiAng November 16, 2007
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A well-to-do sex-starved opportunist who seeks out financially-insolvent individuals with low credit-scores, for the purpose of sexually propositioning them in exchange for his paying off their debts.
It is possible to turn the tables on a credophile by employing the spiritual debt-relief ploy, whereby you initially agree to his terms, but then after you have received his monetary assistance, you suddenly claim to have recently "gotten religion", and thus you feel compelled to remain celibate.
by QuacksO March 12, 2017
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