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Refers to an utterly despicable "taking His name in vain" strategy, whereby you --- having previously either promised someone intimacy if he'd spend money on you, or used a similar promise to strip off and/or spread your legs as "collateral" in case you're unable to pay back a loan that you ask of him --- subsequently claim to have "gotten religion" and are therefore concerned that "He would not approve" of adultery/fornication, and thus you no longer feel that you should have to honor your promise of sexual favors.
The spiritual debt-relief ploy is one of the oldest and most pathetically disgraceful schemes for obligation-free mooching that the world has ever known, and has probably turned countless multitudes of disgruntled people off of established religion. About the only time that this strategy might be at all justified would be if you've gotten unwillingly dragged into obligation by an advantage-taking credophile during a moment of financial desperation, and are unable to pay him back despite your best efforts.
by QuacksO August 09, 2018
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