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1: An unfortunate clip of the testicles, usually at a tangent - which sometimes feels more painful than a full impact.

2: Something that is really funny
1: When I caught my nads on the corner of the desk it was a real creaser.

2: The receptionist wet herself when you sent that funny email - it was a real creaser.
by DJ Jaybee August 26, 2004
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Used to describe a scene of banter that is so fucking hilarious that you acquire crease marks on your belly from laughing so hard. Often, recipients of a creaser will be left crying and/or on the floor. It can also be used when a very dead joke is made, and someone could sarcastically exclaim that it was a “creaser”.
*retarded banter*
-“holy shit that’s creaserrr I’m crying lmaaoo”
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by Silly_cunt June 08, 2018
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