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A cream colored A6 2.7 turbo that resides at Audi Academy in Arizona. Dubbed after the graduating class of June 15th 2007.
Jose: hey pull in the cream machine
Jason: hell yah I love that thing
by Hose B June 7, 2007
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When a gay man has sexual relations with multiple partners without being in a committed relationship.
Thomas told Fredrick that Blane wasn't a good fit for him because he is a true cream machine and wouldn't be faithful.
by TheFurnitureGuy April 19, 2011
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Customer: "Lemme get uhhhhhhhh one uhh Oreo McFlurry"
Drive-Thru Worker:"Ice cream machine broke"
Customer: "Understandable have a great day"
by henlo smol bean :) June 25, 2017
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The sexual act of a male squatting over their partner’s face. Their partner when ready will proceed to pull down on the male’s penis like a lever, giving the male the signal to shit in their mouth
Steven: she finally let me do the ice cream machine!!
Bill: the fucks that?
by Pervyclown69 April 8, 2021
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The act of pulling down a dick like a soft serve machine handle and having him ejaculate in your mouth like ice cream.
I totally Ice Cream Machined him last night. Wasn't cold though!
by PIAN February 7, 2015
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