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There comes a point in an argument where your opponent runs out of logical material to use against you, yet refuses to conceed. This is the moment you enter Crazy Time. Men will recognise it as the part where women start yelling, through furious tears, about things that happened years previously, and putting a whole new spin on them, then telling the man exactly what he meant by what he said. Except it's rarely anything anyone would ever mean, or even think. Women will know it's Crazy Time when men start saying things like "I'm ending this argument right now!" and then continue bellowing about how it cannot be allowed to go on, and arguing over why it needs to be finished. Men can never finish an argument. They can only halt it "for now". The very same argument will be referenced and recommenced during the next period of Crazy Time.
Jennifer started to cry and shout at the same time, virtually incomprehensible wails about how last year, Doug HAD given her a funny look when she said hello to her ex, and that he had basically called her a whore when he commented on how nice it was that they were on speaking terms after all these years. It wasn't what he said, you understand, it was what he MEANT that made all the difference, and THAT is how Doug knew that they were in Crazy Time, yet again.
by MagickDio September 14, 2010
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A "crazytime" is when you are stoned and hit a sudden, huge wall of even-more-stoned-ness.

You usually realize you have hit a crazytime when you either forget that everything just happened, or turn your head and realize that you're just completely not there.

Or something similar . . .

Crazytimes vary from person to person, as does the exact definition. For everyone, though, it involves a sudden time of craziness (induced by weed smoking).
Dude, I just hit a huge crazytime.
by Pat and Nick March 07, 2007
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