"Now Ill admit I like a gold digger, but Kanye West is a crazy nigga!" - Carlos Mencia
by K-pizzlie October 12, 2006
1. From Bob Dylan's Hurricane, insane black individual (usually male)
To the black folks he was just a crazy nigga, no one doubted that he pulled the trigga
by ABJ March 21, 2005
There's all kinds of niggez out there, some dey know how it is they keep it real.. some niggaz they talking crap outta their ass, discharging weapons and shit, walking around not watching their back. Them fools are the ones who get popped on a regular basis so be safe and be cool kiss your family and loves ones, caus you dont kno what crazy nigga might take you out next.
N #1: Aiyo look at that dude, crazy nigga.. real G man!
N #2: Yea nigga is crazy! He dont fuck around.
N #3: aiyo Lets get da fuck outta here
by karlulz December 21, 2011
Randy: Kevin just ollied through a ring of fire
Bill: Thats nigga crazy
by spammyhammy April 5, 2012
The most horrible lifeform on the planet, known by the names, "The one who shall not be named" "he who pings 19 times" and "the one who has mooged" His natural habitat is in the shadows of Rev's Weeb Sanctuary, waiting to shitpost in #General legend has it if you mention Senko, he will come
A Random person on the server: *Mentions Senko*
*A Crazy Nigga has entered the chat*
A Crazy Nigga: d I d I h E a R s O m E o N e s A y S e N k O ?
by A Crazy Bastard 1123 August 27, 2019