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Crapplesauce()n. Applesauce made with apples considered sub-par by apple-growers. This term pertains especially to applesauce made with Red Delicious--also known as Red Chief Apples, which produces an applesauce that is neither red, nor delicious and "tastes like crap".
"The applesauce in the cafeteria is gross!"
"They still serve crapplesauce, huh?"
"yeah. It's disgusting."
by kimbler230 January 19, 2010
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1. it is everything in life that is not performed correctly. everything from bad hand writing to shitty craftmanship.
it is the abortion you wish you had.

2. it is to suck at life
"man you are crapple sauce if i sucked as bad as you at life id kill myself"
by shoosterjama July 31, 2009
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Slushy shit comes out all melted and brown
Dom Spreads crapple sauce all over his mouth and sucks on his bed pillow
by Dickpuncher69 October 04, 2005
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