A game popular in American ghettos, Played with a dice.
The player rolls the dice and depending on the number wins the amount of cash thats laid on the floor!
A'yo tha gangstas are out playin' crap Games again!
Cool! Let's join in!
by David Bayliss July 7, 2006
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A dice game which is moved from place to place to evade the authorities. Usually found in New York in the late 1930s-40s.
It's the oldest established permanent floating crap game in New York!
by MissionDoll October 19, 2004
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Crap Game Syndrome, or CGS, is an uncommon condition among the modern gaming population that usually starts with a simple case of nostalgia, but can quickly develop into CGS if not dealt with straight away.

Symptoms include browsing abandonware sites like The Underdogs for anything pre-1990; finding excuses to boot into DOS mode and coming home with a copy of Daikatana under one arm and Battlecruiser under the other.

Note that certain older games, like Tetris and Breakout, are excluded from the effects of CGS. It's okay to play these once in awhile without succumbing to its influence.
"Dude, why the hell are you playing Battlecruiser?"
"It's kind of fun once you try it."
"So is a crap on the sidewalk. Face it man, you have CGS bad."

"Hey, is that Daikatana?"
"Yeah, I'm coming down with Crap Game Syndrome."
"Burn it now before throw you down a well."
by Cabsy November 17, 2005
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