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A sweatsuit that is worn by Ed Crankshaft. Actually, it is made of his everyday clothes which include the following: red jacket, white dress shirt, black pants, white socks, and often black oxfords, but also sometimes white sneakers. The sneaker version was most recently worn the other day. Its a great outfit for everyday wear but also for exercise as well. Take it from a former Mudhen, if you want great clothes wear when the workout bug shoots, grab a Cranksuit, its a hoot!
Ed: Whoa, its a great day for a workout! I'd better get my Cranksuit on.

Pam: You wear your Cranksuit all the time. What's so special about working out in it?

Ed: Well, all you have to do is add sneakers and it goes into a sweatsuit. I love this baby! (bends over and touches his toes)

Mac: Hey, you two, what's up? I saw you exercising and I wanted to join in the fun. Look, I got my Mudhens on!

Ed: (still stretching himself) Sure, you don't have to have a Cranksuit. Is that one of my old Mudhen suits?

Mac: Yeah, I snuck into your house and grabbed one out of your closet. I hope you don't care.

Ed: Yeah, whether you have a Cranksuit or not its a great day to stretch! First one to the hot dog stand is a dirty Mudhen!

Pam: (starts laughing) Dad, you're gonna get it! Watch out! (she starts jogging after him) You dirty bird!

Mac: Now, now, now. Don't say that. I love him! He looks good in his Cranksuit.

Ed: Whew, what a workout! How about some hot dogs? My treat.
by Dusty's Baby Powder July 16, 2011
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