Also know as; Milk daddy, Repressed emo bitch; fucking don't eat soap you fucking cuts. Ummm fedora bitch. I swear if you dab ...*dabs*.... shit. Bitch where's my g note warning?
CrankThatFrank: I'm in a blood pack with Tom

fans : frank just post the fucking video
by Daddyryanross May 30, 2017
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your repressed yeemo promo whore who is a bitch for Ryan Ross and loves furries. plus he abuses blinds and keyboards and is VERY sensitive to the g note like all emos.
Did you hear about how CrankThatFrank broke his blinds over the g note?
by yeemo August 28, 2017
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Repressed Emo Fidget Daddy,

Known for:

His ability to please the masses with just his voice and face. The Walmart version of Brendon Urie. Having the best fans in the world :) and his great taste in memes.


do not eat soap around, use musically, or ABOVE ALL ELSE ..... DO NOT..... G note.

If you do any of the above my only response is " SCUSE ME, COULD YOU PLEASE LEAVE"

CrankThatFrank saved my life.
CrankThatFrank is the best youtuber to ever be on camera

CrankThatFrank is YEEsus
by HomicidalAmity July 18, 2017
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Frank is an emo bitch whomst hates G notes (like i said, he's emo ) and he's proabably screaming about Ryden, the milk fic, Brendon Urie, or talking to Tyler and Josh who are in his closet.
Person 1: " do you like crankthatfrank?"
Person 2: "who?"
Person 1: *kills person 2*
by slutforfrank April 30, 2018
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Crankthatfrank known as our repressed yeemo daddy or milk daddy. He's like the Walmart version of Brendon Urie and is triggered by the G-note.
Yeemo: do you ship Ryden?
Person: no..?
by GerardWayisDaddy October 25, 2019
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A repressed emo known for his cringe, emo bands on crack, his broken blinds, his attemtps to sell his merch and his FAMILY FRIENDLY ALTERNATIVE CONTENT.
Like all emos he gets triggered by: the g-note and northern downpour
Hey, Crankthatfrank just posted a new video YEE
by Adriette November 22, 2018
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