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A name for a student who is enrolled in the Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam. This term applies to the nerdiest of all music nerds: those students who can not make conversation without including a cheesey music joke or discussion of the latest piece they are working on.
Wow, you are such a craney!
by anonymous October 26, 2004
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As opposed to a Libby (Liberal Arts Major) at SUNY Potsdam, the Craney (Crane School of Music Student @ SUNY Potsdam) graduates with a real degree. Cranies move on to graduate school or real jobs right out of college while the Libby moves on to McDonald's, Burger King, or most often Arby's. In some instances, Libbies move on to pumping gas at Stewarts, and rarely leave the North Country.
Craney: I'll have a whopper with cheese.
Libby: Would you like fries with that?

Craney: Are you going to flip night?
Libby: No Duffs, then Streets, then jumping in the Raquet River.
by Ralph Wakefield April 20, 2006
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