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A modified form of the classic "missionary" position, in where you firmly grasp your partners ankles and shift her legs back and forth; much like the levers of a crane.

*To announce this 'move', prior to it's execution, is great fun!
Alright baby, you ready? I call this one, the "Crane Operator"!
by crazzymann December 22, 2010
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When a male stuffs his balls or (butters his marbles) into another female or males asshole and proceeds to lift up their body weight with only his scrotum. They must hold their butt muscles taunt in order to really grip his testicles. Is considered one of the most difficult sexual feats to achieve, and is highly respected in American Culture
-She thinks we are finally at the point in our relationship where I can be her Crane Operator

-President Obama announced today that he hopes every American child will one day grow up to crane operate on their significant other.
by Mackle2008 June 16, 2011
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