Crafting Vegeto is a popular YouTuber/streamer who is extremely cancerous and is very cute and sweet. He like to watch Jojo and make YouTube vids just on it. He streams almost everyday except for Tuesdays and has a discord server which he is active and talks to his many fans in.

His real name is Samy and was born May 3, 1996, his age is 23 and he is a super hot french man ;))
He has many ships for example:
Craftinzzy (Samy and Tezz)

Smichgeto (Smich and Samy)
Btw did I mention he’s fucking adorable?
I love crafting Vegeto he’s such a great streamer/YouTuber.
by Erentheidot February 11, 2020
When you want to slop lolis in a very sexual way.
Person 1 : "Dude, you totally did a Crafting Vegeto to that girl yesterday !"
Person 2 : "Yeah man, don't tell the F.B.I lmao eks dee"
by AnonEksDee June 17, 2018
A cute french Boy who plays anime games and reacts to anime vines on youtube.
Crafting Vegeto is the best youtuber.
by Dtml June 8, 2018