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Crac is an Irish Gaelic word which loosely describes 'fun'
Plus crac is to describe good fun, or "good banter"
Minus crac is to describe fun of a bad taste or "bad banter"
If one is in a "Plus crac" zone and is inputing "Minus crac" this person should be removed from the plus crac zone as it is disrupting the crac.
If some one stops a party... they are minus crac
If some one starts a party... they are plus carc (is the party is good.. or they will be minus crac)
Beer is plus crac
Rugby is plus crac
Unnecessary abuse (verbal or physical) is minus crac

(saying "Minus crac" to some one is a nice way of telling them to shut the fuck up)
by Twinkenham May 29, 2011
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