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Is one known to laugh a lot. Courtlins love to make people laugh until they're rolling on the floor. Courtlins don't know what they have until it is gone and often takes advantage of what they has. Courtlins are very spoiled but people love them all the same. Courtlins are very unique people and if you compliment her and give all your attention towards her 24/7, she will be your best friend. Courtlins often get insecure and they need to have attention towards them at all times or they get lonely. They can be the happiest or the saddest people alive, and they are pessimistic. Courtlins love to be different but don't like it to be constantly pointed out. Courtlins are the best friends you can ever get, as long as you don't brag, spread rumors, or anything else negative. then they will make the biggest scene. Courtlins are so funny and most of the time they are blonde. They are very selfless people and love to be around people, but like to be alone as well. They care about others way more than they should. They're randomness will make you laugh so hard.
wow, that girl is so unique and random, she reminds me of a Courtlin!
by namedefinertrolo August 09, 2011
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A useless waste of space who thinks he's top shit, but really just annoying as fuck. He has pointless tattoos and pisses off any and every girl he encounters. The believe he is such an asshole. He wears sunglasses inside on random days due to a 'retina problem' that spontaneously disappears the very next day. He thinks he knows what hes doing in everything, but manages to not only fuck up his shit, but others shit as well. He's a fucking prick. Picks fights with people and gets thrown through walls because he's a pussy. One of the biggest douchebags in the planet.
"Did you see that guy in class with the sunglasses?"
"Yeah, such a Courtlin."
by t-n-b October 02, 2011
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