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Term used to describe an older woman in search of a younger man. In effect, a cougar trying to google.
So, how’s the talent look where you’re at?

Not too bad; mostly older, though. The admin dressed to the nines and was trying to cougle. I think I might tap that ass!
by ayemac April 09, 2008
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When a cougar will go home with any youngster no matter how ugly they are.
I must have been wearing my cougles when I took him home
by UK82 January 26, 2010
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verb: a fusion of the noun "cougar" and verb "google," to cougle is to initiate a digital relationship with an older woman by finding her online and adding her as a friend on a social network. In its passive form, a person may "be cougled" if the older woman in question is his or her mother.
"I definitely cougled Ross' mom last night."

"Jesus, Ross, your mom just returned my poke on Facebook. You’ve been totally cougled!"
by elbuenob March 10, 2009
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