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(noun) The name of the local convenience stores in Montreal and Kentucky with a winking owl displayed on the sign.
Roar, it's so scorching tonight! Let's go to Couche Tard tonight and buy some drinks to cool ourselves off. Hopefully that will reduce our swass levels.
by Matthewtropolis October 19, 2003
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A more affectionate way of calling someone a retard or a douchetard. Meant as an insult, but not as a serious one; often used between friends.

Inspired by Couche-Tard, the Canadian convenience store chain. "Couche-tard" is French for "night owl", literally meaning "goes to bed late." But because of its similarity in sound to the English insult douchetard, "couchetard" was converted into an English-language insult with a meaning similar to douchetard but less offensive -- even bordering on affectionate.

Also "couchetarded", adj.
He's my best friend, but let's be honest, he can be a couchetard sometimes when he's not thinking.
by Mr. X April 04, 2005
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Anyone performing a particularly stupid activity anywhere in the province of Quebec, Canada.

Named after the convenience store "Couche-Tard," which literally translated from French means "late-bedder," so called because the stores are open until very late.
"That guy's riding his bicycle, uphill, in a snowstorm, in the middle of February. What a couche-tard!"
by Archie Goodwin February 13, 2008
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A convenient insult combining the words Douche bag, couch potato and retard. Coincidentally, also the name of a popular chain of convenience stores in Quebec, Canada.
"Is that mine?"

"No, it's his's"

"his's?!? That's not a word. You're such a couche tard"
by aliwashere September 07, 2008
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(Couche Tard is all over Quebec...don't forget the rest of us!)
Dude, lets take a trip across the bridge to the Couche Tard and pick up a two-four!
by brydeoh April 10, 2005
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(Noun). The perfect phonetic contraction of "cock-sucking, douche-bag retard" used to describe only the most insufferable examples of self-righteous, holier-than-thou, alpha-male bullshit.
1: "In a shameless attempt to impress 'the Talent', the Couche Tard waxed quixotic about the recipe for braised endives his mother picked up in the south of France to the effect of rage and nausea."
2: "The authors of definitions 3 and 4 (above) are total Couche Tards."
by Boosh81 April 22, 2010
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An extremely dumb or annoying person; can be shortened to simply "couche".
Stop being a couche tard!
You're such a couche.
by Al February 03, 2005
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