That feeling you get when you're insanely high and you know and you think you know that you know... Damn it the because I just had it and you just interrupt me and we both know what this is but you refuse to accept it

Pronunciation: Coe-Thel
Mark:(takes hit)
Zach:(also takes hit)
Zark: we are one with the everything and the everything is one with...
Zach: what the fuck are you talking about?

other acceptable uses:
"That's so COTHEL"
"man this cothel is vibeing up in here"
"dude listen to this music, the only way I can describe it is cothel"
by Cothel November 5, 2021
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COTHEL occurs to the areas of human bodies involved in severe car wrecks or who are maimed by traumatic blows.

COTHEL WHITES are freshly exposed areas of white cracked bone. Freshly torn, or skinned flesh expose these areas.

Cothel doesn't only apply to exposed bone trauma, it's also the bleached effect you see when shining a light on objects in the dark, revealing objects in their chalky, palish, bare nature; it's very scary seen when shining a light around holes or areas with allot of shadows, and especially dead bodies at night.
1) I could see the cothel when I shined the light in her mouth, her teeth and trachea were scary!

2) His cotheled knee cap was so fresh, it was hardly bleeding when I saw it -- just fresh white bone!

3) Please don't shine the light on that wall, the cothel effect it creates is too scary! Especially with that black hole in it!; or simply: The cothel is too scary!
by DEANTH July 5, 2010
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