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4th generation of Corvettes built from 1984-1996. As of January 2009, it is probably the best bargain for stock performance in both 0-60/quarter mile speed and suspension performance.

Vehicle was powered over those years by these engines: 5.7L L83 (Crossfire motor), 5.7L L98 (TPI (Tuned Port Injection) motor), 5.7L LT1 motor, and the ever so rare 5.7L LT4 motor (all are in order with release dates and the amount of HP they put out).

The 80's manual transmission Corvettes were supplied by a Doug Nash 4+3 transmission (4 regular gears, the top 3 supplied with an overdrive gear). The TPI motor with this transmission was rumored to top out over 200MPH.

Was the 1st Corvette generation to combine sleek, hatchback styling with clean HP and torque and Digital gauges in the dash.
John: Yo son, that's a clean ass Toyota Celica turbo, what you spend on it?

Ron : Yea, 30 G's and this shit hit a 14.8 quarter at the track. My shits ill.

John: Yo kid, i just copped a 1986 Corvette from this 52 year old dude for $5600 and I had an exhaust system and headers done for $3k and I ran a 13.8 in the quarter. Corvette C4 FTW. You're retarded son.
by silvercelica6500 March 18, 2009
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1984-1996 Corvettes. A car I thought was cool until about 1988. They did not age well. This was apparent well before production ended. They aren't fast. Almost all are automatic transmission and have reliability problems as well as novelty digital dash cluster that stayed years after everyone was over the fad.

I've seen several 84-88s for 2500 dollars and less as far back as 1994. Unless they are pristine and low mileage you can't give these things away. Just sitting there with 2500 on the windshield for months. Decent 1996s are 8000 and no one is buying. Very low mileage examples have owners wanting 11-18k. At that point everyone knows you can get a similar condition C5.
I beat a white '87 Corvette C4 in a non-supercharged '89 MR2.

Why did you get that Corvette C4? I'd gone with any year before getting one of those.

Your C4 Corvette has the same stock steering wheel as my S-10 and a digital package like my grandmas Buick!
by blowoutz December 05, 2011
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