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Single shot version of the SA80 assault rifle.The L98 is used by the Army Cadet Force.
The L98 is a rifle used mainly in the cadet forces
by Darryl Williams October 31, 2003
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a riffle the british army lend to kids on their thirteenth birthday, its just a training riffle, you have to cock every time you shoot. Its the uglyest riffle in existance, horrable shape. cadets and youth armys are just a way to brainwash the young ns to goto war and join thereal army later on in life, how else dya think they get enough people mad enough to join. its good money if you don't mind the risk of dying befor your time.
you wouldnt last long on the real battlefeild with this plastic single shot thing, the l98 is a good trainer though.
by paul hinton May 04, 2006
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