A Correctional facility is a nicer term for the public for a prison.
Welcome, to a Correctional facility, human wastebag!!!
by Hankscolts June 7, 2011
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A prison in the middle of nowhere Well, it's in Sterling, Colorado. They are total a**holes over there in the visiting area. Oh, and they treat my step dad like crap because he is the only one who files things against them!!!! >:(
Sterling Correctional Facility
by daddies grl April 6, 2010
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During a market correction, the psychic prison to which those normally on the 'outside' are sentenced. The farther stock prices fall, the smaller, darker and colder their corner offices appear, and the more desperately helpless they feel.
Watching stock prices plunge, for reasons beyond anyone's control, the new prisoner confronted his fear of being forced to live like all the other poor inmates, locked in the market correctional facility for life, his one-percenter's luxuries a fading dream of the golden past.
by Monkey's Dad February 28, 2020
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A prison in Michigan where assholes whose names are Nick reside
Person1:Hey you know Nick?
Person2:Yeah! He smokes crack and I had sex with him and I'm only 14! and he's 19!!
Person1: that one sick pedophile bastard! he belong in da thumb correctional facility yo!
by crackamalibu December 31, 2011
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