A prescribed method of turning everyone into an obedient drone with a plastic smile and fake enthusiasm for their daily dose of abuse from people who probably don't know shit about the actual mechanics of their operations
The corporate culture of this firm implicitly requires employees to work in an environment that allows criticism and policy changes to be made by a management that is far removed from the daily operations of the company. Any form of deviation or disagreement with policy is severely frowned upon.
by Master of the Cremaster April 9, 2014
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The way things are done in upper management in corporate America including their policies, procedures, values, beliefs, rules, and the way they treat and value their employees. It is almost an underworld where arrogance, overpay, and lack of concern for the “lower” employees is the norm. Often times, people in corporate America will sell their soul to the devil himself in their quest for power and money, and will do anything to climb the corporate ladder. Corporate America only cares about its own interests and has no concern for the “lesser” employees. It will make you think your job is secure and then lay you off without warning if it saves the company 10 cents. It will give you a pay cut, but then raise its own salary. Basically, it’s a world of liars, thieves, and hypocrites.
Corporate culture is not so good to the rest of us who work paycheck to paycheck.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com January 19, 2009
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Middle Manager A: "Hey, check out that new entry-level guy. He was so hot for our corporate culture, I ended up hiring him for about $10,000 less than he deserved."

Middle Manager B: "Hahahahaha!"

Middle Manager A: "Yeah... best part is, whenever he starts getting pissy I make up some bullshit about web 2.0 or dot coms or whatever and he falls right back in line."
by demione January 5, 2008
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The rules, regulations, and unwritten policy for a corporation, the way it treats its employees, allowing them to dress a certain way or have certain events to their benefit.
This was changed to make people feel better about the restraints put on them at work.
It's not corporate policy, it's our corporate culture.
by jim_witness May 4, 2005
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