The phrase you use when someone near you coughs, often as a joke saying they’re going to spread the coronavirus.

Also in reference to the popular Corona drink.
Ally: *coughs*
Jim: Yoooo it’s corona time!
by TheNathaniel March 8, 2020
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A time for you to get your wallets ready because you need to buy soap, toilet paper, hand sanitizers, and most importantly a face mask because of the Coronavirus
by Heyitsyourfavicecreamcone March 16, 2020
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A dumb TikTok post, basically a song, continuously repeating the chorus; "It's corona time", (not that continuous), referencing the deadly Coronavirus outbreak.
Idiot: "IT'S CORONA TIME!" *music*
Peer: Please stop.
Idiot: BUT IT'S CORONA TIME!! *louder music*
Peer: That meme is D E A D.
Idiot: ...Oh. *music is no more*
by Supergod O May 27, 2021
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The realisation that corona virus isn’t just a meme and it’s finally come to your country 😬
by I don’t even know babe April 19, 2020
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The phrase annoying kids say when someone runs out of toilet paper or face masks during 2020.
Karen- *can’t find any toilet paper and fruit snacks for the soccer team*
12 year olds- *grabs a microphone and screams “ITS CoRoNa TiME”*
Karen- shut up you little gay kid where’s your parent??
by woah that’s me!! April 24, 2020
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"its corona time" is a social media meme, its a person saying "its corona time" which connects to the recent epidemic aka. coronavirus, "its corona time" is when someone coughs or sneezes, and the person says "its corona time" to make a joke that coronavirus would have its time to infect the person. though, this is a joke that eventually became a big meme during February and March 2020
person1:*coughs* or *sneezes*
person2: "its corona time"
by Menope7170 April 24, 2020
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