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Cormac Branagan or the ‘Corminator” is a fictional character from the tv3 series Tallafornia. Cormac may be a renowned playboy inside and outside of the tallafornia house, but by day he moonlights from awesome as a taxi driver. It’s widely known that Cormac is willing to accepting eggs as payment for his cab journeys. His mother is a born and raised, proud Branagan hen, who raised and instilled in him the values of being a crafty cock in the egg selling business. In a recent interview, the philanderer insisted he was taking a break from his lavish lifestyle to focus on his career.
“Only thing I’m layin is eggs y’ano, gotta make the dollaaa”
The Tallaght local is quite a respected businessman at his home of Old Mac Donald’s farm and has seduced many a lovely hen there. Here a hen. Anywhere a hen-hen..

Hence, his understandable cockiness when he once stated; “I could mooch any bird”

Cormac was introdouched into the modeling industry at a young age. Since then he has appeared in numerous magazine and television commercials. His big screen debut came in a Kellogg’s promotion, in which, Cormac posed as the iconic cock, earning him the nickname ‘cormflake.’
“Would ya look at that dick on my cereal box”?

“No man, that’s the cock from tallafornia


"The Corminator"
by Amzz112 March 21, 2012
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