City on the south of Spain, located on the Autonomous region of Andalusia and capital of the province of Cordoba. The city dates from the Roman times and has witnessed different conquerors and civilizations in its long history. Its most flourishing time was during the Muslim presence in Iberia, when it became capital of Al-Andalus and an example of coexistence of the three main religions (christianity, Islam and Judaism). It's also a land of great thinkers like Seneca, Maimonides or Averroes among many others.

Within Spain Cordoba is known for its very hot temperatures, the beauty of its women, its rich gastronomy and the patios festival and feria in May. Also for hosting the Cathedral former Mosque commonly known as Mezquita, an unique monument worldwide and a symbol of Muslim architecture.

Being the original and incomparable one, Cordoba gave name to several cities in South America, in countries like Colombia, Argentina or Mexico.
Person A: I wanna visit Cordoba this summer, I heard it is a beautiful city!
Person B: Indeed, but good luck with the 45 ºC you may find down there!
by Jon Snow I May 25, 2012
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(Geog) Cordoba is a province of Argentina, located in the center of the country. Its capital, Córdoba, is the second largest city in the country. Cordoba is well known for the beauty of its women and the sharpened sense of humor of its men. Córdoba also has a national aircraft factory, several automobile plants, flour mills, and plants producing plastics and building materials.
Its Capital is the site of the National University of Córdoba, founded by the Jesuits in 1613; the National Academy of Córdoba; an astronomical observatory; and the National Meteorological Institute.
Man 1: Che, that girl is a princess..!!
Man 2: Yeah, che. And she was born in Cordoba too..!!
by Gustavo Velez December 24, 2005
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