A 'business assistant' shaped like a copy machine and Tumblr staff's idea of a funny April Fool's Joke. In reality, it just caused Tumblr users 24 hours of cringing as Coppy lurked in the bottom right corner of dashboards across the world and induced a chain of copy machine-themed memes. As April 1st drew to a close, Coppy grew increasingly tired and psychotic, and finally disappeared to everyone's delight. The aftermath of Coppy on the tumblr community is still yet to be seen...
Coppy is a spoof of Microsoft Office's infamous Office Assistant, Clippy.
by bedussey April 01, 2015
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1) A person who is exceptionally cool 2) An act of pimping on all the skeets 3) A person often qouted with extreme respect
*Damn, aint that Coppy over there?

**Look at him trying to coppy them women.

***Friends don't let friends drive imports, Chevys rule. "Coppy Quote"
by NJC April 03, 2005
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Abreviation slang for copenhagen smokless tobacco.
Can i have a dip from your coppie tin?

What kind of chew is that?
It's coppie.
by Mos Def And Kweli are Blackstar February 25, 2005
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Someone who is acting like a cop. When police presence is felt seen or believed to be near.

See tattletale snitch snitchy sketchynarc narcotics rat informant undercover 5-0 police
That dude was acting coppy I thought he was a narcuntil I pulled out my hip-shooter and aimed it at his domepiece. And asked him again.
by Bernald Bernuld April 15, 2019
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