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A stretch of road in Westerville, OH running from Route 3C to Cleveland Avenue. Long thought to be the most dangerous stretch of road in all the known world, Cooper Road is purportedly used as the authority for determining snow days for Westerville Schools. Young males are expected to travel Cooper Road wearing only a pair of roller blades and a ball cap as a right of passage into Westervillian society. Also known as the Devil's Backbone.
Cooper Road?! Christ-On-His-Throne NO! Nobody goes down that road!
by Z-1980 June 08, 2010
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One of the most hardest hoods in shreveport to live since 1980's. Also where the hardest crips are made.Cedar grove, Hollywood, Mooretown, Queensborough, Allendale not fuckin with us straight facts. Every Nigga from Nawfside AKA Cooper road real niggas. Every man from the Cooper road came from nothing. Original Cooper was first called Martin luther king hood. I love my hood we pressure. Forever 💙♿
Forever Cooper road baby
by Keshawn P July 28, 2019
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