The "Nawfside" refers to Gwinnett County Only.In the early 90's it was predominantly Caucasian in population.When African Americans started increasing in numbers they would often see their inner city peers in clubs or the streets.They would often be referred to as "lame" or " Y'all live out their with them white folks.The youth would "rep" east side.Until they were confronted by Eastsiders and challenged.That became the ongoing battle.And Gwinnett County would come out on top in these fist to fist combats that took place in clubs mainly.People didn't shoot all the time back then.It was more of where is your fight game. When rapper Cheeto came along he change the game.It was actually Cheeto Gambine that coined the term Nawfside before anyone else. You can't forget about An entertainment group called " Royal Flush". They were a high school party throwing group that threw parties all around Atlanta. Cardi's B current d.j. Ray -G was the founder of that group.They could be given equal amount of credit for founding what is now known as the "Nawfside". It has been said that Gwinnett is known for its Foreign women and stash houses.Why would you want to stay in the "hood"?As far as the "Migos" go they were founded at a club in the heart of Gwinnett.It was named by the Georgia Gwinnett College community "Pink Flamingo" because it had a sign with a picture of a pink flamingo in the front. It was a going out of business restaurant that was found by Cardi B's d.j.'s former friend.
Nawfside-" We know we not from Atlanta, what you think them two fingers and thumb for? Nawf.
by NoFameJustMoney February 5, 2020
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they are a gang in the northside of houston,they are under the 5 (people nation),there colors are dark green and black they are known for being cripkillers
by ckiller April 15, 2009
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