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It all began in 1902. The place was Louisville, Georgia. It was then and there that the First National Bank and Trust Company established itself as an independent bank with a strong commitment to customer appreciation and community involvement.
In 2006, they changed their name to Queensborough National Bank & Trust Company. As they expanded their branch offices into neighboring Georgia Counties, they encountered too many other banks with similar names which, in turn, only caused confusion among many of their customers. Therefore, they decided to adopt the name of their parent company – Queensborough – a unique name for a unique bank.
by ZigZagMan January 27, 2011
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One of the worst and most dangerous neighborhoods since the 1990's where your life depends on almost anything you do where almost half of the drug deals in Shreveport and majority of gang violence is located where only the hardest niggas are even mostly safe where all the girls ate either how's and pop pussy for anybody or got the mentality of a nigga and worse then them boys where its a miracle to live past 17 where the 50 year old heads still moving dime bags where some of where people with starving kids sell food stamps one of the best definitions of "the struggle"
Friend:*glances over*
Me: wtf you doing mane , don't fucking look in that man eyes bitch you tryna get us killed nigga do you not know were in queensborough I just came over here so get some weed from my uncle calm tf down
by random ass person January 02, 2017
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