Penis bone of a racoon (yes they have bones in their dicks) placed in the outlet of a moonshine still to help the distillate to flow smoothly into the collection vessel.
Stick a coon dick in that spout. It's dribbling like an old man's piss
by BigDood79 October 30, 2017
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The lowest of all human life forms on the planet. This term stems from the adjective "coon" (referring to black people), which is the lowest of all races (White, Mexican, Jewish...etc.). However, black people have two positive attributes that they contribute to society (a large penis and athleticism). The adjective "pin dick" (more commonly stated as "needle dick") eliminates their big dick attribute. Using the noun "jockey" (referring to horse riding jockeys, which are commonly runts of all people) eliminates all athleticism. "Pin Dick Coon Jockey" describes a black person that has a small penis and is small in stature, the lowest of all possible human life forms on the planet.
by PDCJ Steve May 3, 2008
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