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Penis bone of a racoon (yes they have bones in their dicks) placed in the outlet of a moonshine still to help the distillate to flow smoothly into the collection vessel.
Stick a coon dick in that spout. It's dribbling like an old man's piss
by BigDood79 October 29, 2017
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A term used for bootleg moonshine or other alcohol, coined and used during the prohibition era of the 1930's. The reference was to the African American migrants who would illegally transport the stuff, sometimes in the crotch of their pants.
I'll share this bottle of coondick with ya'.
by octagon38 March 29, 2010
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1.)Term used for yelling insults or obscenities at pedestrians from a moving vehicle. Generally, entertaining for the occupants of the vehicle, but not for the victims.

One may yell something along the lines of "NICE FACE UGLY!' at a lone pedestrian or "HEY LOOK!!! A PACK OF QUEERS!" at a group of pedistrians.

Origin: First used by a group of teenagers from Kendall, NY. The word coondick comes from the book Their Eyes Were Watching God, where it is used to refer to an alcoholic beverage of some sort.
I'm bored, lets go coondick tonight.

I want to go coondicking after the movie.

Bill is an excellent coondicker, he yells such funny things.
by Day April 23, 2007
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Term used when blowing smoke rings while smoking meth. The ring will drop smoke from the bottom of it which resembles the shape of a coons penis bone. Good dope makes coondicks when you blow smoke rings
That was some good dope it made coondicks when we got hi.
by Stevo21874 November 26, 2017
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