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A town similar to Nimbin but only worse. (The quality of drugs are higher in Nimbin), Also note that Coomera is wedged somewhere between Gold Coast and Brisbane and is somewhat small with a hopeless infrastructure. It is hope to species such as the dero, gang banger, drug dealer, and low life scum who have spent the last few years in jail. The government also finds coomera as a quality ground for public housing which, as you may guess is home to more deros.
Dude I was at coomera the other day and was shot at by a number of dero inbred scum.

I told you Harry, don't go to coomera any more unless you want to lose your internal organs for sale on the black market, or unless you want to get shot because your wallet contains more that Centerlink food vouchers.

Thanks man i will remember next time
by CRUSTYMCNUGGET March 16, 2008
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