Italian American slang for being be Calm and Relaxed while doing something stressful
"He was Cool as Ice when he walked into the court room."

"He walked up cool as ice and wacked the guy."
by Evil-ghost-ninja October 25, 2006
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Cools on Ice is used to describe something as cool but really it is the opposite/ is nerdy. This definition comes from the phrase itself, the phrase is obviously uncool but strangely cool at the same time.

When the phrase is said it is usually the case for the person he or she is with, to say Coolio. This is to show agreement with what the person is saying.
1) Those maroon and mustard bow-ties look cools on ice.

2) Person 1: "I can do a roly-poly in my room with out hitting my head on the wall!"

Person 2: "Cools on Ice!!!"

Person 1: "I know, Coolio!"
by Coolmasters June 09, 2010
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1. to be the coolest of cool; this is the next level after 'cool as a cucumber'. People who are double cool with ice typically don't give a damn what anyone else thinks, can have fun anywhere/anytime, and give off such an insanely cool vibe that everyone else wants to be like them.

2. a way in which to order a drink if you want it in a very cold state.
dude: Wow, did you see that girl dance?
dude #2: Yeah man. She is definitely double cool with ice.

girl: can you mix me a coke and rum, and make it double cool with ice?
bartender: for sure.
by princess swahili April 13, 2008
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A word describing a super kick-ass work term student.
Boss: Got that work done yet ??
Student: Of course.
Boss: Thanks Mr. Cool Ice !!
by coolice August 14, 2008
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