A younger girl (woman) who is always there when you need her OR even when you don't. She is down to fight for you even if she gets beat up! She'll try anything. Always thinks positive even if you want to choke her.
by Shanranae February 24, 2017
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A girl who acts like your best friend after only a few encounters. Very fake and usually has no other friends/lost their friends due to her fakeness so is desperate to suck up to anybody she meets.
Girl 1: I thought Alison was being friendly, but it's weird how she keeps talking to me and pulling me away like we're best friends.
Girl 2: Wait, you're not bffs?
Girl 1: No way, this is my second time meeting her.
Girl 2: Dang, what a loser. She's sucha cool chick.
by bangbang27 August 23, 2009
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A laid back gurl with a towel turban and a poop emoji blanket.
DANM I didn't know I look like this! I look like a cool ass chick - Sister
by Ace Ninja December 03, 2018
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