A place where niggas want to be niggas but aren't capable of fully becoming "gangster" so they become ignorant and drop out of school to become a wanna be thug...girls become gay or get pregnant by the age of 16 people kill for no reason at all.
Bruhh don't go to conyers dem hoes is ratchet
by nawwfolk.97y December 16, 2010
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A unique town 30 minutes from Atlanta. It is unique because of the large amount of empathy everyone has towards each other and the large amount of apathy everyone has about everything else. We smoke heavy, and just dont give a fuck.
John: Theres a lot of kids in Conyers spending their allowance money on weed
Billy: Amen
by skat0nYOU September 17, 2007
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A little town about 30 minutes away from Atlanta ,GA. It's the East of GA. Home of the Cherry Blossom Festival. Also home of the Georgia International Horse park.
Come one ya'll,let's pack up the car and head down to Conyers,GA
by Riley Kiley May 20, 2005
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An unusually dumb group of people, in one place.
“The Conyers couldn’t even figure out how to e-mail someone.”
by Ramen_Noodles123 December 6, 2019
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small town ghetto town 30 minutes out of atlanta. home of the band cartel and interenational horse park. also known as "c-town" by the locals.
yo dawg I gotta go to the C-TOWN aka conyers.
by crystal June 19, 2006
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A person hailing from Conyers, Georgia (a small town 20 minutes outside of Atlanta). For girls the definition includes (but is not limited to) having bleach blond hair with black underneath it, Acrylic nails with french tips, wears a camouflage jacket (the woods print kind), Birkenstock shoes, acid washed American Eagle jeans and their hair in a messy bun with a bow tied around it and they carry a Dooney and Burke hand bag and have an over done, high pitched Southern accent that will make your ears bleed. For boys the definition includes wearing a hat from the college of their choice (usually University of Georgia OR Georgia Tech) or a camouflage hat with a fishing hook on it, Dixie Outfitters t-shirts and ripped American Eagle jeans and hunting boots. Usually drives a giant 4X4 truck and will let his female counterpart wear his camouflage hunting jacket as a sign of ownership.
Conyers Chic on deck!
by Little Red Vampire June 8, 2009
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