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To mischaracterize, confuse, alter, change, or give alternative definition to an existing word in the dictionary.
Wow; Kellyanne has conway'd so many words, that Merriam Webster had to tweet corrections.
by Nien098 February 24, 2017
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A Company Of Heroes(PC game) celeb.
No problem in owning you with easy with his tactics.. also known as "Conway tacs", more specificly, What to do when you encounter sandbags
"I owned you with easy"
"Your sandbags didnt know how to stop my mans from going other ways"
"Trucks with mans kills sandbags"
"i did it my way, the conway"
by evotech June 11, 2007
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The best-looking cool guy in town. He seems quiet, but often makes the smartest remark of the evening - offering quality over quantity. Known for his subtle yet elegant attire and purest love for kitties.
That Conway, what a dapper young man!
by Lovely Librarian April 15, 2009
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To skillfully dodge a question by either providing a response with conflicting statements, going off topic, or accusing the asker.
I tried to get an answer from my wife about the guy she's been texting. Instead of giving me an answer, she told me that I should stop looking at her phone and do some work around the house. She really conwayed me.
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by urbankush9 February 16, 2017
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The act of avoiding answering a question by deflecting said question using alternative facts.
I asked my husband of cheating on me and his response was, "Of course not, but remember that time you were flirting with that waiter? That was really hurtful." I think I got Conwayed.
by BioNazi July 10, 2017
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A wonderful town in Arkansas, perhaps the best. The town in which Kris Allen is from. Has a population of about 50,000. A great vacation spot.
Did you hear about Conway? Kris Allen is from there, we should vacation in one of their many hotels!
by gigantasauras June 12, 2009
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