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Noun: a converception; verb: to perform an act of converception.

To have a conversation about a pre- or co-existing conversation that was or is currently being held by two or more participants. The conversation can be reported, paraphrasing or not, using first or second hand information and can refer to conversations that took place between any two persons, whether or not themselves were involved.

If a participant, gaining secondhand information to a previous converception, reports their information to a new participant, the result is the creation of a new layer and so it continues. Had the information passed down turned out to be false, a verbal 'kick' can be performed by one or more subjects to the original converception whereby from thereon the converception is over. Only when this situation occurs are all participants returned to reality.

If the content of an original conversation selected to undergo the process of converception is falsely reported or the result of guesswork, a converception cannot take place.

In simple terms, a conversation that is reported within a conversation. Derived from the film title 'Inception' (Nolan, 2010) where dreams exist within dreams.
Example 1
A: "And David said to Victoria...and she said..." etc.

Example 2
A: "What are David and Victoria talking about?"
B: "David is telling her that he doesn't want to be friends any more."

Example 3:
A: "John told me that Peter told him that David was talking to Victoria about their situation."
B: "Woah! Third level converception, man!"
by LingWhizKid December 25, 2011
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The art of conversing with one person through various social networking applications at one time, occasionally mentioning one of the conversations in a separate conversation. As in inception, but in the form of conversation.
converception could be chatting, having a wall to wall, and commenting on a photo on facebook with the same person at the same time.
by bellysauris rex December 27, 2011
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The act of having two chats open to the same person on different websites, simultaneously.
Guy 1: (on tumblr) hey
Guy 2: (on tumblr) Hi
Guy1: (on Facebook) hey
Guy2: (on Facebook) Hi

by Guywithabuddy April 29, 2016
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