the gayest state in the union, i can say this because i live there, filled with rich fucks and preppy bastards.... fuck Connecticut
Connecticut can suck my dick...
by Flareside92 December 5, 2008
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A dirty little state. Full of retards and wanna be's. The next Rhode Island.
Trucker #1: Should we make a stop in connecticut?

Trucker #2: Let's stop in Rhode Island instead; on our way back we'll stop in connecticut.
by James 50 June 29, 2009
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State with the absolute worst weather. Summers are uncomfortably humid, winters are frigid, fall is mediocre, and spring is next to non-existent.
Connecticut weather sucks. Winter is gray, depressing, cold, at least 6 months in length, summer is too humid, fall is fairly unpleasant, and spring is simply laughable.
by Aridity July 12, 2017
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The most boring state ever made. Nothing ever happens here. Ever. Don't ever come. You will commit suicide.
Charlie- Yo bro, you going to connecticut for vacation.

Dunkin- No dude, i wouldn't go there if they paid me.
by BuckDen April 25, 2011
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A term used to describe an extremely boring, basic, and un-unique person. Coined because people from Connecticut are all the the same; in looks, in personality, in style. You do not want to be connecticut.
Emma,, is just so connecticut. I cannot stand her!
by strega nonna March 31, 2019
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Success state. Get good education and grow up successful. Great hometown to people. No bad storms.
1. "I got my Masters Degree in Connecticut!"

2. "I'm an actress from connecticut!"

3. "Awww. I remember those days growing up in Connecticut. Good times."

4. "Thank goodness the storm only hit south eastern USA. Thank goodness not here."
by Snowangelsinthesummer February 21, 2011
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a state. Like any other, I'm from Connecticut and I don't hate it, but I don't love it. I've never lived anywhere else so to put the state down doesn't seem right,but to say it's the best state in the country well I can't say that either. All the fellow Connecticut people or out of state people who come on here and celebrate CT or bash CT to ridiculous levels are wrong so maybe we are the richest or the smartest or both..doesn't mean any other state is poor or dumb we all have nice places and smart people and vise versa. The one great thing about CT is that we are so close to NYC and Boston..but other then that we're not awesome and we're not horrible...we're are simply a state in the Northeast of the US and southern New England..enough said
out of state person." So you're from Connecticut does that mean you're stuck up like all the rest of them?"
Me."Nope, I realize Connecticut is just a state like any other and I don't think we're better then anyone."
Out of state person."Wow thats a shock."
by memyselfI April 26, 2006
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